Friday, July 07, 2006

fostering community

Denver is so appealing to a native of Colorado because it offers so much in such a small area. Suburbia with it's large houses and even larger yards seem to shout "Leave ME Alone!" Not a good message as people who desire relationships and interaction. I like the thought of knowing my neighbors and walking to the local corner store for a loaf of bread or some Advil. Allowing my kids to play down the street knowing that someone has got their eye on them. Knowing that I'm being a little kinder to the environment by conserving resources and yet building community. I like that Urban planners are thinking the same way.

Denver's future and beyond

Just in case you haven't noticed, I love Denver and I'm so excited to see how it will grow and expand into a city that has so much to offer. That's why I love this website Denver Infill. The site started 1 year ago and has reports and sketches for new building project in and around the downtown area. Somehow this guy seems to have his ear to the sidewalk on all the new condo and loft projects before anyone else. The site is very comprehensive and updated almost daily. I could spend hours just touring the neighborhoods on this site. Personally I would love to see 2 chains downtown: Coldstone Creamery and Whole Foods Market. Keeping my fingers crossed!

rick in the rockies

Rick the Rig got to roam the James Peak Wilderness this past weekend and he loves to stretch his 4x4 wheels. The campsite was recommended in 5280 magazine describing it as
a short half-mile trek from your car (you'll need 4wd) leaves you on the wildflower-swathed banks of a shallow, fish filled lake. Secluded spots abound around the main lake, as well as around the other nearby waterholes. Beautiful, bubbling waterfalls connect the lakes and make for easy water access.

They forgot the wonderful nighttime view of the stars away from the city light pollution. The site was situated perfectly next to a babbling brook and under the canopy of the trees. Warning: off-road 4x4 passed the site every hour or two heading down a trail. Other than the annoying engine sounds, this was a wonderful campsite to relax, hike, fish, and mtn bike.