Friday, September 11, 2009

i'm back, at least for today

it's been crazy around here and you know when there is so much to blog about and end up not blogging at all? but thank God for fridays and working from home which is code for being able to surf the web without feeling guilty. here's a splattering of happening around here:

- we aren't building in golden anymore! what a relief, so much stress.

- we are trying to fix up the existing house to rent out in golden. more stress as we figure out how to be handy with a hammer.

- there is house under contract with our name on it! berkeley area, here we come (aka an extension of west highland, aka west of downtown denver).

- this house is turnkey which is music to my ears. maybe a can of paint later on down the road, but we won't do a thing to it before moving in (well maybe clean everything since it's been vacant for the past 6 months).

- new house means packing, agh. less is more as i purge myself of junk.

- escape from my crazy life has been Sarah's Key, quite the page turner.

There you have it, just a taste, more to come later.