Tuesday, February 09, 2010


What comes to mind when you hear opera?

Fat Lady?
Culturally antiquated?

Before I met my husband, my only encounters of opera are what I saw on tv.

I have since been to 4 different operas and they are quite enjoyable. On Saturday we went to the Barber of Seville at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. We saw Cosi fan tutte at the Ellie as well and then the Marriage of Figaro at Macky Auditorium at CU.

Of course the shows done by professionals at the Ellie were polished with nice sets and incredible singers and musicians. The shows put on by the CU opera department were still nice and felt accessible for novices like me.

And actually all operas have become accessible as there are subtitles that are easy to read on the back of the seat in front of you. The songs are written in such a way where lines are often repeated multiples so you can watch the body language of the singer and not stare continuously at the subtitles.

This art form is absolutely amazing as the full orchestra plays while these talented singers make the story come to life. It like a Shakespeare comedy set to music with deception, romance, humor, mistaken identities, and true love.

Monday, February 08, 2010

one week ago...

i was wearing this:

today i'm wearing a lot more clothes as the snow falls and i am the snow shoveler since peter had to travel out of town.

one week ago i was reading A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey, eating from the buffet and eavesdropping on college kids bragging about the party the night before. Oh and avoiding secondhand smoke from europeans and disenchanted youth sitting poolside.

today is 29.5 weeks of pregnancy and i'm wondering what really needs to get done in the next 10 weeks. baby registry, birth classes, baby room, peditrican research, taxes, etc.

one week ago, biggest worries were avoiding a sunburn and drinking the mexican water.

today's worries seem to do with allegies and a head cold.

my big white belly one week ago seems more attractive today!