Wednesday, January 30, 2008

do you believe in magic?

magic seems to be such a loaded word these days. some christians don't like to use the word because it conjures up images of wizards and witches and they need to explain everything as God's doing. i get that, but i like the thought of magic because it's unexplainable, something beyond what i can explain happened. it's also childlike, for instance when a father pulls a quarter out his daughter's ear and there is only amazement on the little girl's face... magic. i understand that magic can be confused by mystical stuff, but is a good start for americans today to start believing in something other than themselves? maybe magic is the pagan word for miracle? jesus' time on earth, he spent some time doing miracles: feeding 5000, healing the blind, making the lame to walk. i believe that he did all of these things and more, but calling them miracles sort of takes the awe and amazement out of the act, i think. this might be complete blasphemy, but i think magic is just a word, just like miracle and if miracle has gotten tired and loaded down with christian lingo, why can't we explain what God does as magic?

sometimes i sit watching a sunset totally taken back by all that has to happen, all the science and physics of it and just think, "do it again daddy, do it again!" magic.