Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dear Miles on your 1st birthday,

My heart truly bursts because you are in my life. I could never imagine how much love I have for anyone and then you came along a year ago.

I'll be honest with you, we had a rough start out of the gate, but that's another story for you. After we got things figured out foodwise, life was better for both of us. You smiled at 5 weeks and rolled over soon after. Your giggle is music and I want to keep doing whatever prompts a laugh so I can hear it forever. I would bottle your smell and giggle if I could. And that smile, wow! You make friends just by flashing your gummy smile and I hope that continues well into the future.

If there ever was a perfect baby, you would be it. You sleep through the night not even waking for new teeth growing in. You take good naps, 3 naps and then switching to 2 naps at 9 months. You really don't get upset. And you are the best running partner I have ever had and I'm glad that we have been able to explore our neighborhood together, let's explore to the moon and back.

I thought you would army crawl forever, but you figured out how to crawl and then started walking a few days before your birthday. I hope your new found freedom enriches your curiosity, but that you will always come back to my arms with a smile.

We have been to camping in the Sand Dunes, to Indy for Dana's wedding, Kentucky to see your family, Vail, celebrated both your grandparents' 40th anniversaries this year. You have been to the mountains and hiking and downtown Denver and many of restaurants around town. Your friends have been Sammy, Noah, Dillon, Liam, Briggs, Olivia, Carenna, Addisyn, and Ava.

As I look to the future, I hope for you many more friends, (we need to work on your sharing). Don't eat dirt and NO means stop, not keep doing what you are doing at a faster pace.

In all seriousness, I pray for you daily that you become a Man of God and that you follow Him to the end of the Earths. And I pray that I can teach you to love BIG and forgive always. And that you would continue blessing people just as you have blessed me.

All my heart,

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Uno Birthday!

Tentative cake eater.
Still managed to make a mess.
Bunting I sewed for special occasions including the Kentucky Derby coming up.
Uno shirts (I didn't have time to make one for me so I wore my ONE shirt which seemed appropriate).

Miles turned ONE a week ago and we threw him an UNO party which I stole from another blog. She sent me a pdf file with the UNO cards already scanned in so I could easily make the cupcake toppers and the pattern for the UNO and WILD t-shirts. Lots of kids running everywhere, but lots of fun was had by all.