Tuesday, July 28, 2009

beautiful roses

thank you, my love.

mac 'n cheese?

have you ever made fetttucine alfredo? i knew that it wasn't good for you, but i didn't know it could taste so good. so sinfully delicious with full fat cream, lots of butter and parmesan cheese. it was like eating mac n' cheese for grownups. i mean i've eaten this stuff in restaurants, but have you ever felt your waistline grow by an inch as you continue to put forkful after forkful in your mouth? and not care. i can't stop myself.

fortunately my husband is out of town so i get all the leftovers to myself, ahem i mean i don't get to share this amazing recipe with him. comfort food makes me feel better when he's gone, but let's be honest, i love comfort food when he is home as well.

i got the recipe from the pioneer woman who is a crazy blogger with lots of recipes and photography and stories of life on a farm.

i highly recommend halving this recipe and don't skip the pasta water step as she isn't kidding about the thickness of this dish. this picture is my first attempt at this new staple, notice the empty plate in the background. i had to eat my meal before i could even stop to take a picture, it's that good.

Monday, July 27, 2009


the weather has been cooler the last few days which has brought some interesting storms. here's a picture i took out the back window at about 8pm. the rain was falling the sun was setting and casting such a bright glow over our neighborhood. i like how the rain on the window blurs the image a bit to make it feel like a dream. by the way, i did not edit this picture at all so the color is pretty close to what i saw.

Friday, July 17, 2009

treeless mountain

my heart melted when i saw the trailer for this movie, treeless mountain.

it's a story of two sisters who are dropped off at their alcoholic Big Aunt for the summer as their mother goes to find their estranged father. it is set in south korea and was written and directed by a south korean. the movie has won numerous awards.

it's playing at the starz filmcenter in the tivoli until thursday. i'm going saturday night.

Friday, July 10, 2009

sights & sounds in denver

happy friday

picture i took in Duck, NC.

my inner domestic diva

i have been busy as a bee around the house.

i decided to be crafty and make my own onesies for all the babies coming into the world. i love how they came out!

the chairs i spray painted because i was sick of the light beach color wood and then put new fabric on. and brand new chairs.

who doesn't love apple pie? it is the first one i have ever made and it was so simple. (coming soon pictures of the garden)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

brother-in-law's family

it took a week for the boys to warm up to me, just about the time they were about to leave for home. you can tell they were none too thrilled with me in the family picture.