Friday, December 22, 2006

Deluxe Delay

ok here is the long awaited review of Deluxe. 3 weeks ago, some friends went out for drinks at village cork and then dinner at deluxe. it had been quite a few months since my last visit to village cork and i was surprised that they had expanded the seating area at this homey wine bar. the wine menu is always changing and the servers are very helpful picking out a new wine. this is the perfect alternative to the bar scene especially if you want to enjoy a long conversation with friends.

the best advise for going to deluxe is make a reservation. this restaurant has limited seating and is always full. this is a good sign for a new restaurant and i don't think it will be short lived. when we walked in the door, we noticed the leopard print carpet and cozy feel to the dining room with high ceiling and low light. the hostess was so gracious as she had misplaced our reservations so she seated us at the counter over looking the kitchen. the chef and owner dylan apologized again and offered us free appetizers. what a treat this was as we watched the chef at work plating all the entrees. aroma from the grill was amazing as he cooked pork, chicken and steak. i ordered the pumpkin ravioli which was good, but not as good as the pork my boyfriend got or the whole chicken that my friend ate half of and took the rest home. i can't say enough about the delicious food here and outstanding service!