Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend at the Beaver

Hello Beavers

We spent the weekend in Beaver Creek, CO with my husband's company.  Read: all expense paid weekend in the mountains.  Only problem, no sitter for our little one.  Oh well, I can only do so much shmoozing with the wifes and his coworkers.  This was Miles' first ride on a ski lift, but fairly positive it won't be his last if my husband has his way. 

Wavy lines and dream music plays in my head as I picture a quiet Saturday at home while the boys go skiing.  Yes, I can support Miles on skis.

Dad gets his coffee

After our ride to the top there was breakfast and a giant sandbox.  Miles was in heaven. 

Horseshoes anyone?

Don't you love trying to get pictures of your little one these days?  It's like tracking a dog.  "This bucket is nice.  Oh wait, there's a better bucket.  What?  You had a perfect shot if I would just be still?"  Good luck on ever getting the perfect shot.  And family pictures are truly a prize to get him 1. calm. 2. smiling. 3. today.  So our family portrait was classic.

Squirmy boy

In running news, I ran 8.6 miles when I got back from the mountains at a respectable pace especially for not running all weekend long.  Today I did some strides again, but this time on the awful treadmill.  Note to self, get workout done in the morning so you are not forced to run on a hamster wheel in the basement in the evening which feels like it takes 100x more effort to run on than out in nature.  This is truly how I feel on the treadmill.

I'm starting "Maximize your Mornings Challenge" tomorrow.  For those of us who are mothers, the fundamental idea is to stop waking up TO our children and start waking up FOR them.  The idea is for me to wake up before Miles starts chatting in his crib.  To have quality time with myself reading the Bible, getting my run in and doing a few chores before Miles is awake.  Doing a task with Miles as my "helper" takes about 10x as long as if I can just do it real quick on my own.  But, I whole heartly admit that I am not a morning person.  I have always hit the snooze button as far back as high school, in college and all through my career.  But I see the value of waking up early and I want to work towards being a morning person.  Wish me luck!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Still running

I'm still running.  And training.  On Saturday I did a 7 miles run.  It was the perfect running weather at about 60 degrees.  I started out slow and was able to run at a good pace the entire time. 

Today I did 5 miles of shorter strides and sprints and that went surprisingly well.  I was disappointed because there not any tracks within running distance so I had to just look at my GPS watch to see my distance, but I was actually motivated to get this run in. 

Tomorrow I have an easy 4 mile run.  I'm feeling good about this training stuff.  Ask me about it in 6 weeks.

Downtown fun

Sunday we had a picnic dinner at Commons Park in downtown.  Miles loved watching all the kids and dogs walk by. And he loves to run free. 

Water is the best!  I love long weekends.

P.S.  We had Yogurt Time on Platte and it was not good.  Melty, runny yogurt and the sugar free flavors were disgusting.  Just FYI, in case you were planning on going there.