Thursday, October 29, 2009

first snowstorm

it's been snowing none stop for the past 2 days, but snow days
are not quite as fun as when i was a kid. peter and i worked from home unfortunately we were really working. the good old days a snow day included sledding, snowball fights and building an igloo.

we did enjoy a nice walk around our neighborhood yesterday and i ventured out to a yoga class today. i think we might get a long winter with lots of snow. hopefully not 18 inches with every storm.

15 weeks

Thursday, October 22, 2009

oink oink, cough cough

no i don't have h1n1 flu... yet! but everyone around me does. how's a pregnant lady suppose to stay swine-free when everywhere i turn someone has a fever or is coughing? so i've decide to self impose a quaratine and work from home.

drastic measure for drastic times, but my coworkers seem to need a lesson in illness etiquette.
  • if 2 out of your 2 children have confirmed h1n1, do not come into work the next few days... we will not miss you.
  • if 5 out of your 5 children have some sort of flu and they go to public school, assume they have h1n1 AND assume you will get it as well and work from home... we will not miss you.
  • if both you and your spouse are very sick and said spouse is a in physician assistant's school, assume you have h1n1 and take sick time, ALU pays 90% of salary on sick days... stay out a week.
The moral of the story is stay home if anyone in your household is sick because it is most likely swine flu and it takes 2 days for you to show symptoms. So you could have it and not know.

Stories like this in the New York Times make me want to avoid it like the plague.

So wash your hands, cover your mouth and stay home... you won't be missed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MIA with a purpose

so i've been away for quite some time, my faithful readers... all 3 of you. but I'm back to announce that I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant! peter and i are so excited and a bit nervous. i never expected to be scared, but now I understand the thought of carrying around a little human inside of me. at the same time, i sometimes forget that i am with child since i had a very mild 1st trimester and i'm not so much showing.

yesterday i was in gap looking at maternity clothes and i felt silly, like everyone was sizing me up, thinking "what that girl doing in that section of the store?" i probably need to wait a few more weeks/months until i really need to start shopping there or i'll just buy stuff online so i don't have to be sized up.

i feel a weird tension concerning weight gain. part of me really wants to start showing so i can start feeling pregnant, but i also like that i'm not showing yet. it's hard in a culture that tells women that beautiful is 5'10" size 0. our culture should be celebrating a pregnant body as that is what our bodies were made to do. weird to think that since the age of 15 (yes, i was a late bloomer) my body has been ready and willing to host a baby. now it is actually getting to do what it was designed to do, amazing.

so check back more often as I hope to be more diligent about posting pictures and thoughts on this journey.