Friday, May 11, 2007

buyer's regret

i often experience a feeling that would be the opposite of buyer's remorse. i don't often buy things and then regret buying it (thanks to a 30 day return policy at most stores), but my regret comes from walking away from an object that i sort of want and somehow talk myself out of buying it. then days sometimes weeks later, i realize i really do want the said object, but for whatever reason the object is not available to purchases anymore. maybe i remember it so much more grander in my head than in reality and i mistakenly put that object on a pedestal. am i alone in this bad habit?

for example i saw this pair of shoes back in november on and i hesitated to buy them for a day or two and when i went back to purchases them, they were gone. my heart was broken and i still think about those shoes. sadly, i even found the same pair of shoes on this week, but they cost 4x as much. now all i can do is mourn those shoes and move on hoping there is a better pair out for me!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a BIG flop

bad acting, lack of character development, beautiful scenery. jennifer garner was a disappointment as there was no karate kicks or wigs involved for this role in Catch and Release. the movie begins set in a funeral which should have been a wedding if the groom-to-be was not killed in a freak accident. after the opening scene it was one fragmented scene after another which helped us to never form an emotional attachment to Gray (garner's character), the left behind bride. later we find out the her groom had cheated on her while they were dating and had a son which he hid from gray... who cares! i didn't, so i turned the movie off because it was so predictable i saw the love connection with the bad-boy best friend from the dvd jacket. honestly, i don't mind cheesy, predictable romance comedies, but give me characters i care about and a plot that is interesting. two thumbs down for this sad excuse of a movie. the only plus of the movie was seeing bits and pieces of boulder, co and the flatirons. a majority of the movie was filmed in canada, but they took a week to film a few scenes around boulder. yea boulder!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

birds FINALLY fly south

the bird print i ordered in february arrived a few months late and after much grief. wayne pate, the artist, must of gotten inundated with orders and somehow lost mine in the mix. understandable, sure, but then when i inquired about my order he told me twice that it would be in the mail the next day... it wasn't until 2 months later that i call my credit card to have them resolve this issue that i finally received the bird print. to wayne's credit, he did send me the print i ordered plus another one, both for free.

both prints are being framed right now, unfortunately framing will not be free. who knew art cost so much to display! my hope is the art looks fabulous on my wall.