Tuesday, December 15, 2009

miss you, sushi

i wish i was a better blogger because the best blogs that i follow are those that have new posts every single day. and if they are witty, funny or thought provoking, even better. which is probably the reason i don't post everyday, i don't have much of interest to say. or i'm lazy. it's a toss up.

since being pregnant, there is a ever growing list of don'ts. here are the ones i miss:

*top on my lis
t has to be sleeping on my stomach. oh the warmth, the coziness of snuggling into myself and shutting out the world.

*next is sleeping on my back. you see i can't sleep on my stomach now for obvious reason of smashing my little baby boy, but apparently sleeping on your back puts the weight of baby on some important artery or veins to your legs. to that i say, who needs blood in the legs while you sleep? as my little burrito is still under a pound, i sneak onto my back every once in while to get some good sleep. i love sleep!

*this prohibited food is hard for me to believe is so bad for the baby. i mean women in japan have been eating sushi for hundreds of years and surely they still have healthy, smart children. it makes my mouth water just looking at that picture. spicy tuna, unagi, salmon, wonderful rolls with raw fish goodness dipped in that salty deliciousness. enough.

*red red wine. do i need to say more?

*running. now this one is up for debate and i have looked at plenty of websites that say running while pregnant is fine as long as you were a runner before you got knocked up, which i was. the problem is that this is the everlasting belief that a pregnant woman should relax and not overexert herself is widely held by most physicians, husbands, and women who write pregnancy books. yes my husband does not think i should run anymore until after the birth because of high heart rates and physicians. i might need to do more research to support the run through pregnancy theory, but think about women crossing the great plains or crossing the rocky mountains in a covered wagon, i'm fairly confident that on a daily basis their heart rate got well over 140 bpm. (note: i'm not saying i want to train for a marathon, i just want to continue running 3 miles even if it is a little slower than my regular pace).

*white wine with some cheese and crackers

*semi raw, uncooked food like medium rare steak with a nice glass of red wine or cookie dough or deli meat or slightly undercooked scrabbled eggs or a poached egg. something about salmonella and weaken immune systems. blah blah blah.

*touching my toes. ok i can still reach my shoelaces, but i foresee that being a problem very shortly and i don't want to lose mobility. peter likes to joke that no one tells me what i can and can't do which is true so this altering my life for my baby has been hard.

all that to say, i love my baby and i will do whatever it takes to have him healthy in my arms.

Friday, December 04, 2009

20 weeks

today is my halfway mark and time is moving both slow and fast. i think i'm ready to have my baby boy in my arms, but i know mentally and physically I'm far from prepared.

today we have our first midwifery appointment. picture old shed in the forest, with a wood burning stove and an old woman with buck teeth like Little House on the Prairie or even Anne of Green Gables time frame. Ok not really, midwifery has since advanced and even has a working facility in the University hospital. Of course women still have the option of giving birth at home, but we have chosen to give birth with midwifery center that is located in a hospital so we have some peace of mind in case anything abnormal occurs.

i love that women have so many options these days when giving birth and each woman has one that is perfect for them.