Friday, March 21, 2008

movie review: juno

i wasn't sure if this movie could live up to all the hype of being nominated for best picture, but i do love indie films that focus more on life and relationships than the special effects and high paid actors. and this film did not disappoint with ellen page playing juno, stealing the show with her quick-wit sarcastic humor who embodied the quintessential teenager at the same time handling the role of the scared pregnant girl like a pro. not quite best actress worthy because how hard is it for a teenage girl to be a teenage girl, but still great acting.

a brief storyline: juno has sex with her best pal, Paulie Blecker (Michael Cera) and surprise surprise, she gets pregnant. we see 4 seasons of juno's life including telling the parents, trying to figure out what to do with the baby, finding a suitable couple to raise the baby in the "penny saver" newspaper all the while doing life in high school. juno is forced to grow up fast making choices and learning about love and divorce all the while talking on her cheeseburger phone keeping her in teenage youth.

funny film that made me laugh at a not so funny situation. sort of made teen pregnancy look easy, not something i want to be teaching the youth of today...

Saturday, March 15, 2008


good food and friends tonight at our new place in five points. finally we are able to host people for meals which was impossible at the old apartment/dorm living. orange curry chicken with candied carrots was on the menu tonight using the crock pot.

i have short hair now and hate it at this length. 2 inches need to come off to make it look somewhat cute, but i don't know if i want to deal with the hassle to get back into the salon.

slowly, slowly we are getting up packed. living room/dining room and kitchen are clean and neat, now we need to move to the 2nd bedroom/walk-in closet. finding something to wear that isn't closest to the top of the bag... priceless.

big, ugly tv is now setup for our viewing pleasure. you can't help but notice that thing the moment you step into our house, like a big sign reading "we don't care much about ascetics in this house, we are just addicted to the tv, so the bigger, the better." yippee for technology in tv where slimmer is sexier.

one week in the new house and i'm getting use to the quirks of the light switch placement, the extremely small bathroom and the constant cold because of inefficient windows and doors. i could love a house like this... of course as i steadily upgraded the imperfection so i wasn't literally throwing money out the window. ah, but i get a brand new house in golden.

speaking of plans of our custom house in golden, you might ask how that is going? well it's not. we need some much needed help on the plans to get the ball rolling. dreams of being in the new house before christmas are sliding away with each week that passes.

i love my husband because money or the appearance of money isn't important to him. i love him because "good enough" just won't cut it, if he is going to deliver, it is going to be the best. i love my husband.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

a perfect island

i'm much better at taking care of myself than being a good wife. let's face it, i love me! i'm pretty close to nearly always right so things should be done my way. and when someone (usually my husband) does it differently and it fails, i will remind said person of their error. the one flaw to this selfish life is that i need people. i need my husband to be around. i need friends who will talk about real life. i need my family who love me even though i'm a brat. so there is this constant tension of wanting to let people into this warped life and pushing them away so that i can have my way. most times the island wins, but very rarely a glimmer of hope shines out onto the people around me. more and more of others, less of me.