Friday, August 29, 2008

oh obama...

i really do want to like senator barack obama, really i do. i even want to like him enough to vote for him because let's face it, he's the hip and trendy candidate for president. he blogs, he texts, emails and quite frankly is well into the 21st century compared to the alternative john mccain.

BUT... here comes the empathic but. he speech was awful last night. obama wanted to come off as a new and different kind of politician, one that could lead this country, but instead he sounded like the same old suit who says the same old things that all democrats say. we don't want 8 more years, bush and mccain are one in the same, blah blah blah. did anyone else think that barack riped on mccain more than he gave an inspiring speech?

honestly, i had such high hopes for his speech. never hearing him speak, i wanted to hear this man that is known for his speaking talent. i wanted him to inspire me to vote for him. i wanted him to have a speech that would truly go down in history. instead it was the same tired talking politics. tear down the opponent while building myself up. promising the same things while putting this coutry further into debt. he told 1/2 truths by quoting statistics of how great the democrat party and how awful the republic party has been and then wrapped up by saying he wanted a different america with different politicians who aren't divided by party lines. you do realize obama you just got done drawing party lines in the first part of your speech?

50 years from now no one is going to be quoting from this speech because it wasn't inspiring.

i really, really wanted to like him...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Clouds fascinate me. There are so many different types and the way light reflects through them is a different picture each day.

As a little girl, I use to lie in a big pile snow after I was worn out from sledding and stare up at the clouds floating by. Imagining them as dragons or bunnies dancing across the sky.

Now as an adult, I hardly take notice because I'm hurrying to get somewhere. Today I could not help but notice.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

look at these melons

our little garden is getting a bit more crowded these days as we are in the dead of summer and 23 consecutive days of 90° temps... the veggies like. the sunflower is about 10 feet tall and our watermelon and cantalope are the size of softballs. i can't wait to make a tasty pasta salad with the dozens of cherry tomatoes i pick each visit to the garden.

there are multiple things we'll do differently next season like spread out the tomato plants and the vine like plants. plant less squash and more lettuce for daily salads. do composting. overall the community garden experience has been wonderful as we have met quite a few neighbors and feel like something bigger than just a couple living in a duplex. for more information about denver ubran gardens go to