Friday, May 11, 2007

buyer's regret

i often experience a feeling that would be the opposite of buyer's remorse. i don't often buy things and then regret buying it (thanks to a 30 day return policy at most stores), but my regret comes from walking away from an object that i sort of want and somehow talk myself out of buying it. then days sometimes weeks later, i realize i really do want the said object, but for whatever reason the object is not available to purchases anymore. maybe i remember it so much more grander in my head than in reality and i mistakenly put that object on a pedestal. am i alone in this bad habit?

for example i saw this pair of shoes back in november on and i hesitated to buy them for a day or two and when i went back to purchases them, they were gone. my heart was broken and i still think about those shoes. sadly, i even found the same pair of shoes on this week, but they cost 4x as much. now all i can do is mourn those shoes and move on hoping there is a better pair out for me!

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