Wednesday, February 06, 2008

please can colorado caucus

i believe in doing my civic duty and voting. it is my honor and responsibility to vote because i live free in a great country that setup a checks and balance system, so the least i can do is make my voice heard with a vote. but yesterday was super tuesday where a few dozen states went to make their voice heard within their respective parties and i gave up on the colorado caucus. i had every intention to vote, i researched my precinct number and then the location of my precinct, got in the car with the new husband and drove to the precinct at 6:30pm. my precinct was at the auraria auditorium which is on auraria campus which is in downtown denver. auraria campus took this opportunity to charge all who were to vote $10 to park in their lot. well i turned my little car right around and left because why should i have to pay to vote because i live in a big city? other precinct were at schools with free parking lots. so we turned on the news at 9pm and it turns out nothing had started yet at the auraria site because there were still people trying to park and get in the building.

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