Tuesday, August 05, 2008

look at these melons

our little garden is getting a bit more crowded these days as we are in the dead of summer and 23 consecutive days of 90° temps... the veggies like. the sunflower is about 10 feet tall and our watermelon and cantalope are the size of softballs. i can't wait to make a tasty pasta salad with the dozens of cherry tomatoes i pick each visit to the garden.

there are multiple things we'll do differently next season like spread out the tomato plants and the vine like plants. plant less squash and more lettuce for daily salads. do composting. overall the community garden experience has been wonderful as we have met quite a few neighbors and feel like something bigger than just a couple living in a duplex. for more information about denver ubran gardens go to www.dug.org.

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