Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MIA with a purpose

so i've been away for quite some time, my faithful readers... all 3 of you. but I'm back to announce that I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant! peter and i are so excited and a bit nervous. i never expected to be scared, but now I understand the thought of carrying around a little human inside of me. at the same time, i sometimes forget that i am with child since i had a very mild 1st trimester and i'm not so much showing.

yesterday i was in gap looking at maternity clothes and i felt silly, like everyone was sizing me up, thinking "what that girl doing in that section of the store?" i probably need to wait a few more weeks/months until i really need to start shopping there or i'll just buy stuff online so i don't have to be sized up.

i feel a weird tension concerning weight gain. part of me really wants to start showing so i can start feeling pregnant, but i also like that i'm not showing yet. it's hard in a culture that tells women that beautiful is 5'10" size 0. our culture should be celebrating a pregnant body as that is what our bodies were made to do. weird to think that since the age of 15 (yes, i was a late bloomer) my body has been ready and willing to host a baby. now it is actually getting to do what it was designed to do, amazing.

so check back more often as I hope to be more diligent about posting pictures and thoughts on this journey.


Some family in Colorado said...

I've been waiting for your annoucement :) Are you going to put ultrasound pictures up?

Allison Smith said...

Love love LOVE this!!!

And I will tell you... the Gap Maternity stuff is the best!

Gretchen Crocker said...

So excited for you guys. The weight thing doesn't really go away, you just have to mourn the body you had at one time and except that God did know what he was doing when he created us. Blessings!