Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scene: Just say no

Each stage in life is different socially.  When I was in my twenties and single, I was available to do anything anytime and so I tried to go and do everything.  That was a fun time in life as I got to travel and try lots of new things, go to concerts and eat at nice restaurants.  

Enter husband 4 years ago today.  Enter son 20 months ago.  Scene: just say no.  

And action or rather no action.  Instead Calm.  Quiet.  Restful.  Intentional.  Meaningful.

This might be a little abrupt and antisocial, but really it's a desire to have a quiet and simple family life.  I don't want to spend every weekend rushing around to activities and meals out and birthday parties.  I like my weekends at home, reading, playing with Miles, walking to the park.  

But I think it is a fine line because I want to see my friends and family.  When do I say yes to an event or activity for our family?  Often I feel guilt not going.  Is that when I should say no?  When the guilt is urging me to go?  Should I go to every single one of Miles' friends birthday parties?  

I'm an introvert and my husband is becoming one as the years go on, so do we just cede to natural tendency?  I don't know.  

I don't think kiddie birthday parties are intrinsically evil or bad, I just don't like attending them.  So help me out friends, what do you think?  What makes it onto your calendar?

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Some family in Colorado said...

Wow! How many birthday parties are you invited to :) I think it is fine to enjoy quiet weekends, they don't last forever. I think as long as you don't cut yourself off from everyone you need to find what is best for your family. Though you really should come to more of my kids birthdays... or hockey games... or orchestra concerts, he, he :)