Sunday, August 11, 2013

Up part 2!

Remember when Miles said " Up" here?

Well, Maxwell apparently said it this weekend to Peter... twice. I was not in the room either time. A little sad to miss this milestone. Maxwell has been saying Dadadadada for a while now, but does it count for his first word? I think Up is his official first word, but I wasn't there to witness it so is it official if mom doesn't hear?

In other first news, Maxwell started clapping today. He did it at lunch and we think it was his signal to give him more food, although anything he does is his signal to put more food in his mouth, more commonly something like a squawk. He also was raising his hands above his head at dinner tonight. Another signal?

Yesterday we were in the car driving and Miles said, "It hurts my feelings when Maxwell stands in his crib." Well, thank you Miles for using your words to describe why you keep asking that Maxwell not sleep in your room, but your room is now Maxwell's room so get use to it. As of last Monday, Maxwell and Miles are sleeping in the same room. Through the night. Waking at 6:30am. Again through the night! There is a bit of getting Maxwell to fall asleep in his new crib (he's been shacking it up in mom and dad's room pack n play style for the past 8 1/2 months). He likes to stand. He does not know how to sit from a standing position. The first day he let go and fell back hitting his head on the opposite side of the crib. Tonight we explained again to Miles that Maxwell would eventually learn to not stand in his crib or at least sit down and go to sleep without Maxwell crying for us to come lay him down. The important part is we got our room back and uninterrupted sleep cycle back. Thank you Jesus.

That's all for baby news. Good night Internet and my boys until the morning!

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