Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fusion of Slow Service and High Prices

me and a friend tried a new lunch place down in highlands ranch aka suburbia central. in the ranch it is hard to come by a family owned, mom and pop, hole in the restaurant. so we were very excited to try a new restaurant that Duy Pham just bought and redid. apparently Pham has been at various restaurants around colorado, including Opal, sushi den and flow, but this is his first part time ownership.

unfortunately kyoto asian fusion needs to make some adjustments right out of the blocks. we arrived for lunch at 11:40am and found the restaurant completely empty of diners which should have been our first sign. the dining room is tastefully decorated with asian art and a metal sushi bar in the middle. very inviting atmosphere, but the lunch prices are anything but inviting. we each got a chicken bento box for $12.00 which came with egg drop soup, a side salad, rice and chicken as well as cheese wontons. the food was tasty but it took way too long to get to our table especially since we were one of 3 tables. and i don't care how good the food is, i am not willing to pay more than $8 for a lunch dish at any restaurant. if they want my advice they should get a lunch menu that they are able to serve in less than 15 minutes. for the first 3 months they should make it cheap like $5 to get people in the door and then raise the price to $7. i understand that they just had their re-grand opening october 20, but high prices will not bring people in the door. i cannot recommend this restaurant as it is not a good value and an hour and half lunch is unacceptable. teriyaki bowl on mineral and broadway is locally owned and operated for half the price and is only a mile from kyoto.

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