Sunday, November 05, 2006

is it supper time?

imagine a dumb waiter that efficiently transports drinks from the bar on the first floor to the second level loft with black and white tile floors and located in the heart of downtown. think intimate loft seating upstairs with a low ceiling and the antique church pews turned benches downstairs. Wazee Supper Club is often overlooked for other new and trendy restaurants, but should not be forgotten for its delicious food and old time feel.

pizza is what's for supper and a favorite for many because of the thin crust, new york style. the pizza is crunchy and ingredients perfectly balanced. make sure you order a large enough size so you aren't left wanting more. the sandwiches and strombolis aren't no slouches either. the stombolis are the size of serving platters and wazee doesn't error by making them overly bready. the salad as a meal should be passed up for the yummy less healthy fares as my boyfriend grazed on his salad and devoured my leftover stomboli. i enjoyed the philly cheese steak on a previous visit and friends liked the hamburgers.

service is good considering we got a table for 6 and somehow sqeezed 10 as friends joined us at the last minute on friday night at 7:30pm. luckily wazee is a little downtown secret that continues to serve the pizza you crave until 1am except sunday nights. so only a block off of 16th street mall, become a regular at wazee supper club.

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