Friday, February 02, 2007

1 warm spot in a very cold month

january has been down right frigid, brrrrrrrrr! this morning i walked to the lightrail in below zero temperature and rick, my 4runner, was not about to start running after sitting out in -18 degrees all night. denver weather has been reminding us that snow comes in the wintertime, a fact quickly forgotten after a few previous years of mild winters. my bright spot has been a quick work trip to san diego where the highs were in the 60's and the locals still wore parkas and shivered like it was alaska. me, i ran along mission beach with shorts soaking in the smell of salt water and the heat radiating from the sidewalk. little italy, in downtown san diego, offered patio seating and is the setting of niche boutique. i bought a cute, dainty necklace there made from adina design, but the boutique also offered adorable baby clothes and accessories along with designer clothes for women. my silver disk necklace will be my sun symbol keeping me warm until the snow melts and denver thaws out.

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