Wednesday, February 21, 2007

frozen yogurt comeback

i'm trying to remember the last time i had frozen yogurt, but apparently it is all the rage in Los Angeles as stores are opening all over town and customers are willing to wait an hour in line for a cup of soft, sour, frozen yogurt in plain or green tea flavor with real fruit or sweetened cereal like fruity pebbles. as i child i remember going to TCBY (the country's best yogurt) and it satisfied me during the warm weather, but it's nothing i craved. now according to pinkberry's website and was written in the LA Times, it is "the taste that launched a 1,000 parking tickets." none of the chains have made it out to denver, the closest thing i can find is suzy-q-frozen yogurt on 16th street mall at welton although this craze started in korea in 2004, the aurora store, Not Just Yogurt might be our best bet. i'll check it out, but i may stick with coldstone creamery and the cake batter ice cream!

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