Tuesday, July 08, 2008

summer lovin'

denver summer nights are absolutely perfect as the sun sets over the mountains and temperatures drop just enough to be comfortable with or without a sweater. it's already july and i'm dying to enjoy a summer night with a movie under the stars. there are many venues around town that offer the free movies and a chance to gather the community. i want to bring a bottle of wine, some pasta salad, a french stick and cheese as a settle into my lawn chair for a classic film. hopefully i'll catch at least on outdoor movie before summer's end and most likely at film on fillmore.

colorado shakespeare festival has been around for years. set on the campus of the university of colorado at boulder in the outdoor mary rippon theater. wonderful red rocks as benches set the stage of a nature filled night of theater and entertainment. bring a cushion and a bottle of wine for maximum enjoyment. check out their calendar here.

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