Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Hour in Denver

Haven't you always wanted that restaurant where people knew you when you walked in the door, like Cheers? An affordable place that was local to your house so you could visit anytime and all the time. I found my place, it's called Kiva or rather I should say, it was called Kiva. The restaurant closed it's doors in August, never to serve it's $2 margaritas again.

I'm moving on. Forget the free taco bar and dinner and drinks for $6 a person including a tip to the nice taco lady. There are other great deals to be had in Denver.

McCormick's is already a favorite for it's $1.95 food menu and $2.75 PBR. We usually get the the 1/2 pound cheeseburger and leave stuffed.

Lola in the Highlands has $3 tacos (I think it use to be $2), $4 gauc and $2 Modelo can. Nice location to look at Denver's skyline.

Brasserie Ten Ten in Boulder looks to have an amazing happy hour menu 3-6:30 PM with food and drinks under $5.

Lime XS advertises a happy hour tacos, I'm going to try it out tonight.

Nothing will fill the space left from Kiva, but I can sure try!
(Let me know of any other great denver happy hours!)

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