Monday, November 03, 2008

busy week

the week started off with a bang or rather a steady throb in my head. of late, i've been getting migraines more frequently, about once a week. not quite sure what's causing them, but they can stop anytime now.

be coincidence, my doctor called for a sleep study appointment the same day. the history there is that i don't sleep well and i am tired all day long most everyday. so the last time i was in to see the doctor or PA, she ordered a sleep test for me. that was about 3 months ago. i setup the test for tuesday night. i was hooked up to computers that monitored my blood pressure, my breathing, oxygen intake, brain waves etc. needless to say, i didn't sleep much that night. wait and see what comes about.

Saturday we got the pleasure of hanging out with my cool niece and nephews. the kiddos were easy to be with and we had a blast at the Denver Art Museum. the first saturday of each month, admission is free for colorado residents and the cool new Hamilton building makes it worth the trip. something has to be said for introducing art into a child's life and what defines art which stretched the kids brain. and i have to give 2 thumbs up for the DAM's ability to be kid-friendly with so many activities to keep them busy, we had to make the kids leave. see the kids being part of art in the broom and dustpan.

then we headed to casa bonita, a once in a life time trip, seriously you only need to go once. peter describes it as disneyland in colorado because they shamelessly try to get money from the parents for cheap toys and the like. the kids love it because there is a skit where someone
always ends up in a "lagoon" below. it was disappointing that "bart's cave" was no more, as i remember the cave when i was in elementary school. the food is atrocious, you'd be better going to a hole in the wall down colfax for some authentic mexican food for a fraction of the price. overall, i think they liked it, but i hope they liked the museum better.

saturday i was disappointed because the honda shop didn't have the color scooter i had my heart set on and dealerships are closed on sunday. so sunday we went to brunch with my parents at vita and saw an awesome view of downtown denver. the weather has been gorgeous, perfect for scootering. sunday afternoon we put a basket on my retro bike and planned to lounge around. then peter started to search craigslist, which we absolutely love. he fould a red metropolitan scooter used. so after getting some fast cash, we headed to broomfield. saw the scooter and said, "we'll take it!"

next task was trying to get it back to denver. i'm not confident yet to ride, so peter was my knight on a scooter and rode it home. he loved it, said he felt like dumb and dumber and couldn't stop smiling. my turn tonight!

***don't forget to vote tomorrow and while you're at, some restaurants want to give you free stuff to boot. check out the list here!


Gretchen Crocker said...

Thanks for the blog link! Love the scooter! Who's kids are those? Not Jody's, I don't think, his are little.

song said...

Those are Trina's kids. Fiona is almost 11 years old, Cuinn is 8, Ewan is 6.