Tuesday, December 09, 2008

a penny for my thoughts

-six inches of snow last night, 75 minutes commute to work this morning, same as any other day which includes:
10 minutes walk to lightrail stop
40 minutes lightrail ride
15 minute bus ride
10 minutes walk to my cubicle

-denver weather, snowstorm and a crappy morning commute. afternoon sunshine and blue skies.

-annoyance: stupid people driving stupid while talking on their cell phones.

-interesting fact: my husband use to think scooters were for chicks, now he rides "my" scooter more than I do.

-facebook is a new addiction, as well as a tool to reconnect with old friends. I'm also tempted to compare myself to where everyone else is in life.

-december should just be paid vacation because how much work really gets done at the end of the year? plus the fact that I can't concentrate on anything work related.

-i could really get use to having my husband home full time. i love coming home and deciding together what to have for dinner. even fighting over what we watch is more fun than sitting alone on the couch.

1 comment:

Gretchen Crocker said...

Hear ya on the hubby thing. Kinda nice to sleep next to the man I married every so often.