Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coupon Clipper

Edited 2/16/2009 This site was closed down a day later, sorry!

I'm frugal and love coupons and not the 10 cents off 2 boxes of cereal. Come on, that does me no good. But I love the coupons that are $1 off. Well my mom has become a fantic coupon clipper. I kid you not, she gave each of her six adult children a recycling grocery bag full of tolietries for Christmas all of which she got for close to free. I don't think I could be that dedicated but here's a great site that posts good coupons everyday and there is no limit to the number of coupons you can print off of a single item. Today I just printed 10 Progressive soup coupons for $1.10 off each can! Is that a deal or what? Here's the link:

Now go save some money!

Anyone else have some great websites to save money in this economic climate?


Gretchen Crocker said...

Ok, so not cool to get me all excited and post a site that dosen't exist! What gives?!

song said...

Sorry Gretch. The site was up for one day.