Friday, April 10, 2009

the next thing on the list

we read this book for book club and it was definitely a beach read book, but it got us thinking about lists. you know the bucket list, things you got to get done before you kick the bucket. and it could be thought of narcissistic, all the things i have to do in my life to be satisfied and really felt like i LIVED. but it could also teach us to live intentionally which i do about 5% of the time.

i like lists, my husband makes fun of me because i really would like a list for each day so i feel focused and motivated. without a list i'm aimless with my day, i fritter away hours on the computer or in front of the tv or just napping. if a have a physical, written out list, things will get done, but if it's ambiguous list in my head, forget about it.

so i've started to think about what i need to do intentionally with motivation and focus, the life goals. here's the beginning of my list, a work in progress!
  • run a marathon and finish
  • knit my husband a sweater that's cool enough for him to wear
  • be a good gardener so that i can make a salad completely from my bounty
  • go to alaska
  • love until it hurts (cannot quantify this, but pretty sure i'll know when it happens)
  • master forgiveness
  • really know my neighbors
  • show each member of my family how much i love them
  • learn to sew well enough to make an apron
  • learn photography
what's on your list? anything i need to add?

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Gretchen Crocker said...

Gotta love a good list. For some reason Matt finds it annoying when I make lists for HIM. Huh. go figure...