Wednesday, November 04, 2009

mommie club

just got back from my first highlands mommies outing. highlands is the neighborhood i live in and there are about 2000 "mommies" in the club. my sub-group has women due in the first half of 2010. tonight there were 9 of us eating dinner, swapping pregnancy stories and who's due when and where we are delivering and what classes are you taking and have you registered... oh my!

i'm excited to have a built in support system as i wade through all things babies, but everyone must tread lightly. for as many mommies, there are just as many opinions and paths on this journey. we found that out by where each of us is delivering and how we are delivering. you might think that we all live in a 10 block radius that surely there would be an obvious hospital nearest our home. nope, i heard 6 different locations for delivery.

as we begin to have our babies, we will start play groups and outings and use the site to ask questions of other experienced moms. what a great resource!

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