Tuesday, March 09, 2010

belly pic

Almost 34 weeks

Two weeks ago I had a midwife appointment where I gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks! Wowsers! I guess it has been the 80-100g of protein I'm trying to eat each day (normal recommended amount is 50g). Or could it be that I had stopped working out completely.

I have gained a healthy 20 pounds so far and have put exercise back into my routine including yoga a few times a week and running/walking.

The question I get most often after hearing about my retirement is "what have you been doing?"

Good question, I have so much spare time, it is wonderful!

In no particular order, I have been:

Lunching with friends and family.
Registering at BabiesRUs, Target, REI.
Researching cloth diapers.
Going to see this group in concert.
And this group in concert.
Eating mexican food.
Mini vacation in Breckenridge with the girls.
Taking birthing classes on Sundays.
Reading Committed for book club.
Reading It's Really all About God for bible study.
Watching Ellen because she cracks me up (that's the only daytime television I will watch)
Knitting baby stuff because it is so much quicker to knit a baby hat, vest, booties than adult size.

So as you can see life is good.


Kari said...

Your life sounds pretty sweet...count me in for early retirement! So glad you're enjoying this season - what a blast!

Gretchen Crocker said...

Annabelle would be happy to try on whatever you make. I remember the weeks the scale jumped big time, just shows your little man is getting ready for the big world.