Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Skater hat

This is a skater hat with a brim that I knitted for a baby due to be born at the end of the month. I used this pattern from Ravelry and this blog site, but I used size 4 needles to get the baby size. I have since made another hat, but I need a baby model to see if I need to adjust the size or fit. More knitting to come.

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Karl, Meg & J.W. said...

love the hat and reading your blog makes me miss you horribly!!!! I want to be there to enjoy this season with you, I mean I bring chaos, but fun chaos. Didn't know P played the piano. Yay!

Not blogging lately, but here's the link to fam photos, check out Whit showing off his muscles. :)


love you lots!!!