Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love this trailer camper!

Remember my obsession with Airstreams?  Well, I want one to renovate and tour across the country in.  I really like the Design Within Reach Airstream.  Although a little pricey at $47k.

So very modern, not your grandpa's Airstream.  Unfortunately we don't have an extra $50k laying around.  

My new want is a Teardrop trailer camper.  These camper originated in the 1950's after WWII in America.  People's love of the great outdoors and roadtripping were at an all time high.  Then in the 1960's American's motto of bigger is better took over and the fifth wheel was born.  

The teardrop camper got it's name from the shape.

So much to love about that cute little camper.   It is small and light, some light enough a motorcycle could pull one.  There is room enough for a double bed and a galley kitchen in the hitch.

You can get extras like stove built-in, sink, fridge, dvd player, etc.  I love the one pictured above from Clever Camper, a company that rents these fully outfitted campers in England.

This is how easy it is to setup a teardrop camper.

Here's a list of other teardrop campers on the market. 

Only problem, sleeps 2... not so good for families.  Or maybe let the kids sleep in tents! Ha, yeah right.

Either way, doesn't it make you want to go camping right now?

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Some family in Colorado said...

I like the teardrop trailers too! And I wouldn't have any problems with my kids being out in a tent :)
I look forward to hearing how camping goes! With a new 10 person tent you and Peter need some more kids to fill it up!