Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sorry for the absence.  No real excuse other than I like to do other things than post blogs.  Also it takes me a while to actual get a post up.  And I have been using my iPad a lot more often to surf the web which does not support Flash, making it very difficult to post from the iPad.  

So here is the run down on life.

  • Miles and I have been taking swim lesson at the rec center 5 blocks from our house.  Last week, Miles was not a fan aka there was a lot of crying.  And then on Thursday they fixed the water heater at the pool and like that swimming became more enjoyable.  We have 2 more days and then we can head over there any afternoon all summer long.
  • We borrowed a kiddie pool for our backyard and Miles loves to splash around in that thing.  Pictures to come soon.

  • A luxury tent was bought yesterday.  Read a 10 person tent for 2 adults and 1 small child.  We should have plenty of room this weekend for our first camping trip this season.  We went last year to the Sand Dunes and camped in a 2 person backpacking tent.  That is when we decided we needed a BIGGER tent.  We got our tent at Costco.  I'll give you a review after this weekend on the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 tent.  

  • We are selling a kakak plus all the gear to get started for $350.  I know you need a new hobby, please contact me.
  • Speaking of hobbies, I'm trying to make outdoor pillows for our outdoor furniture and benches.  And I'm ever so slowly trying to finish a knitted hippo for Miles.  One day I'll post pictures.

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