Friday, July 01, 2011

Navigating the World Wide Web

There is a lot of information out there.  A LOT.  And how do you keep it all straight?  All those links of articles you are reading and want to share with someone else.  The research you have been doing on the the various campsite in Colorado.  Vacation locations for the next year.  A book you want to check out at the library or buy on amazon. 

Me it is the thousands of sewing projects that I aspire to do someday.  There are some very crafty people in the world who post tutorials.

How do you keep all your interests organized?

I use to just open a new tab.  And that started to get to the point where the tabs were so small you could not even read what each tab was.  And if my computer decides to reboot for no apparent reason, half the time Chrome or Firefox would not remember my links and I would have to start from scratch.  A nice way to clean the slate, but not good if you had done a lot of research on VRBO condos to stay at in Winter Park.

Some people have started to use  I don't know much about this website so please let me know if that is how you organize your projects, wishlists. etc.

I use  I love it.  You set up an account and then start bookmarking your links, adding tags to organize them.  All your links are in one spot that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. 

And you can add people to your network so you can see what they are bookmarking.  For example my user name is "milehighmom."  You will find that lately I have bookmarked a sewing project to make bow ties for boys and a link to the teardrop camper I love.  I am networked with "simple mom" who bookmarks lots of things on homeschooling and crafts for kids.  

Let me know your user name if you sign up.  Oh it's free!

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