Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Running journey

Distance 3.22 miles
Time 28:36 mins

I did it!  I got myself out of bed before Miles woke up.  Not only did I get up...  I went running.  This is the first day, the first of many.  I have decided to sign up for a half marathon this fall.  I need a goal so that I can be diligent and dedicated to my running routine.  Otherwise running just does not happen because of all the other things in life happen.  Sleeping.  House duties.  Kid duties.  It's too hot out.  I'm too tired.  Spending time with husband.  I'll run later.  or tomorrow.  I don't feel well.  Etc.  You know the excuses because you use them too for whatever else you ideally want to do.

So even though I got back yesterday from vacation and I did not sleep well last night.  I got up.  And I ran.  And I remembered how good I feel when I run.  When I don't run, there is a string inside of my that gets wrapped around my sanity.  The more days I got without running, the tighter the strings gets until I am "high strung" and "tightly wond." 

Running is my therapy.  Free therapy.  So I am one of those people who are fantic about getting their run because I know what happens when I don't.  I'm stressed.  I stress out my husband.  I can't sleep.  I worry about nothing.  I have trouble couping with everyday occurances.  I'm selfish.  When I run, I'm laid back (really I am).  I let things slide off my back.  I can sleep.  I can enjoy other people's company and I'm not annoyed that they were late or rude or unkind or not thinking about me.  Because when I run the string loosens and I can look outside of myself.

"Wow" you say "running does all that?  It's a miracle drug." 

It really is for me.

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