Friday, June 02, 2006

salud napa valley

I never knew I liked wine so much until I went to Napa Valley last weekend. To taste the pepper and chocolate in red wines and the honey and vanilla in white wines, all my favorite flavors wrapped up into one sip. And I think the beautiful setting definately helps the tasting process. Favorite memory of the weekend was jogging in the evening down a dirt road with grapes on either side of me taking in the smell as the sun slipped from the valley... close to heaven.
So I was sad to hear that the global warming could effect the wines coming out of Napa Valley and France. As the temperature slowly creeps up across the globe, the temperature-sensitive grapes may not be in their optimum climate and new areas could be known for great wine.
But if Napa's out, other North American regions may take its place, Jones says, such as: British Columbia's Okanagan valley, Washington's Puget Sound area, upstate New York and Long Island, Michigan's coastal zone and Virginia.
I have my doubts that a weekend in Michigan wine tasting won't quite live up to Napa Valley.

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