Friday, June 30, 2006

unfinished business

I have been lazy and have so many opinions on places I have visited in the last month, so here goes:

Snooze: chic diner with lots of modern flair to go along with the peanut butter and jelly pancakes. highly recommended before a browse thru the Ballpark market.

Aztec Sol: a wannabe authentic taqueria that falls short. the food was americanized with little spice or taste. the plus was the patio seating with the party atomsphere outside. still need to visit Taqueria Patzuaro also on 32nd and Tacos Jalisco is an all time favorite visited just last night.

Peaks Lounge: still a hidden gem in Denver offering expansive views of the city with the mountains in the backdrop. located on the 27th floor of the new Hyatt downtown, a cocktail at sunset would be drinking in Denver!

Jazz in the Park
: finally got around to this citywide picnic in the park. apparently if your intent is to actually listen to the live jazz, you need to show up early to get prime real estate in front of the bandstand. otherwise bring your cooler, blanket and dog to people watch and enjoy denver's fine city park.

My Brother's Bar: watch out you might miss this bar on the corner of 15th and Platte without a sign over the door (SE corner), but when you have found your way to the patio, you know you are home. a little classical music faintly heard mixed with the chatter. my personal favorite is the J.C.B. burger with jalapano cream cheese, but unfortunately the burger is sometimes over-cooked and dried out. i will continue to go back for the laid back neighborhood-bar-feel.

The Homestead Golf Course: since in my very short golfing career, i have only played par 3 nine holes, this was quite a treat to play 18 with my dad for father's day. lovely course with up-close view of the foothills.

Tifah: wednesday night the fox had the honor of hosting the sounds of Tifah and band. the only way to listen to this girl's voice is live to capture the full, rich texture and the added violinist rocked! keep your ears open for this girl...

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