Monday, June 12, 2006

shining a mile high

My friend from childhood came into town for the weekend and Denver was the star. I understand how the Denver area has placed in the top five places to live for singles year after year. Growing up in Colorado I take for granted everything it has to offer. And as chefs continue to open wonderfully delicious restaurants in various neighborhoods, this only supplements the recreational activities that abound both in the mountains and the city.

Thursday night we headed to a Uptown Tavern which is just that, a local tavern with lots of T.V.s showing the current sporting events. This night was the NBA finals so the place was packed out including the large outdoor patio and the 2 lanes of miniture bowling. The food is regular bar food with nothing extraordinary. A fun bar to hang out with friends.

Have you heard of LoHi? The new name for the Lower Highlands which borders are I-25, Speer, Federal, and 38th. New restaurants are popping up all over the place which is making this a very appealing neighborhood with it's close vicinty to downtown and the amazing city views. Duo Restaurant at 32nd Ave and Zuni Street is a welcomed addition. The warm goat cheese served with pistachios and sour cherry vinaigrette was a wonderful starter and I could not get enough of the grilled pork chops on mash potatoes and had a dipping sauce that tasted like wasabi and cider. There were antique windows hanging as a partition between the bar and dining area which added a great touch to the decor.

more weekend to come...

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Jessica Bott said...

Song! How are you doing? I was checking out some blogs and came across yours. Just wanted to say hi and hope that all is well in CO!