Monday, January 04, 2010

24 weeks and growing

this pic is from last week and i feel much bigger this week although some people keep telling me they can't even tell i'm pregnant. they have to be kidding, that's a large food belly.

i measured and i'm 34". i wish i had measured more earlier in my pregnancy so i could calculate the rate of growth. there has been loss of mobility on my part, but Baby Angus has been doing flips lately. today at work he was especially active or since i'm usually still at work, i noticed his movement.

i bought a maternity coat this weekend because all indications point to a long and cold winter in colorado. it could be snowing when i go into labor come april. the coat was on sale, big plus.

i also acquired some work pants, which are cute, but don't quite fit enough to stay put on my belly. they tend to slide down because of gravity and wanting to be around the smaller part of my waist. my solution is to walk with my hands in my pockets while i actually am holding the pants at my belly button. i look oh so cool.

that's the excitement on the pregnancy front, more tomorrow after my midwife appointment.


Kari said...

I love the are so cute!! I can't wait for more pictures and updates!!

Some family in Colorado said...

Ah, I can't wait to hold Baby Angus!

Allison Smith said...

LOVE IT Song!!! You look friggen adorable. I know, you probaly hate being called that... but it is true. I can relate with the wondering if the baby moves more at work, or if you just feel it more because you are sitting down. I would have freak-outs all weekend, and then on Monday, when I was sitting at my desk, feel her move all day long. I can also relate with you on the pants thing... I like your strategy about the pockets. I got a Belly Band ($16ish at Target) to help hold everthing up. I stretched it out so much, I think I need to go get another one now, because I am back at the point where gravity is not my friend.

Love to you girl !!

Gretchen Crocker said...

I second the bella band thing, works great after the baby too. Cute bump!

song said...

Thanks ladies! I'm wearing the belly band today with said pants and it's like magic, look mom no hands!