Thursday, January 21, 2010

it's official!

after almost 10 years of service, i said goodbye to my after-college career. i was laid-off/volunteered to leave today at 9AM. It was my last time driving to highlands ranch early in the morning during rush hour traffic to get to work. last time logging on the my pc. most likely last time i'll talk to most of my coworkers. last time checking my email. last time chatting with josh, my cube buddy. (picture of coworkers in 2001.)

quite honestly it was bitter sweet saying goodbye to this job. i've probably waited 9 years to get laid off and i am fortunate that it was on my terms and not a surprise. at the same time, i was such a girl and got choked up talking to my coworkers in massachusetts and cried in my car leaving the parking lot as i talked to my husband.

don't miss read me, i'm ecstatic to be blessed with 3 months to prepare for baby angus and that my husband supports me in this decision to give up on-call weeks where i would get woken up at all hours of the night and expected to hit the ground running troubleshooting.

but i feel a loss and wonder what do i do next. it's surreal sitting at home knowing that i will not go back to lucent ever again.

so what is next for me? well i'll start by taking a nap since i stayed up erasing my pc last night. tomorrow i might watch a movie and read my book club book for next wednesday. maybe monday i'll start thinking about cleaning out the baby's room that houses all of peter and my clothes. register for baby stuff. organize the garage. hang out with my stay at home mom friends. sew some cute aprons. knit. photography. blog. really the options are endless and the answer is "anything i darn well want to."

i leave you with this quote from kenneth from 30 rock just because it's funny, not because i agree. "I feel about as useless as a mom's college degree."

And I'm out!

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Some family in Colorado said...

Congratulations! I know you have been waiting for this day, even though it was sad too.
Love you!