Tuesday, January 05, 2010

dentist and midwife appointment

today was a big day for me. first off, this is two days in row that i'm posting a blog, go me!

i went to the dentist and got a glowing review. no gingivitis, no cavities, and everything looks great. i love hearing that from my dentist because it affirms that i really don't need to floss but 1 week before my appointments. see peter is really good about flossing everyday. me, i'm more casual about the habit. see when i'm ready for bed, i'm ready now. i don't want things like taking my contacts out, washing my face, flossing and brushing my teeth to get between me and my bed. so washing my face and flossing usually get dropped from the nightly rituals. but when my dentist appointment gets ever closer on my calendar, i begin to floss. and tada! perfect bill of health for my teeth and gums. that's how it's done kids.

this evening was my midwife appointment. i've packed on the pounds this christmas season, 5 pounds in one month. my uterus is measuring at 24.5 weeks which is perfect. and to my delight my midwife is ok with both my vacation to mexico in early february and my running habit. hello treadmill. i admit i ran yesterday and it felt like i had to pee the entire time and the extra weight on the front side takes a few minutes to get use to, but i love how i feel when i run even with a baby on board.

i will leave you with a picture of my archenemy.


Kari said...

Haha...that picture cracks me up.

So glad to hear about your rave reviews with the dentist and midwife. Rock on girl!

Gretchen Crocker said...

You suck, and so does Matt. He does the same as you with the dentist. I brush and floss all the time and my teeth are awful. Grrrrr.

Some family in Colorado said...

I hope Angus has good teeth like you :) Fiona gets braces next week, just a little dental glimpse into your future...over 4K!
I'm glad you get to run though, I know you were missing it!