Saturday, January 30, 2010


ok not that baby! he's still safe and sound in my belly twisting and twirling and ready for some beach time.

this morning our living room looked like this:

and the baby came early and so now our living room looks like this:

Oh right I mean our baby grand was delivered today. Doesn't Peter look so handsome at the keys?

Life is good. Peter is practicing as I'm typing this blog. We leave for Cancun tomorrow morning. I retired. Baby will be arriving in about 12 weeks
. And the sounds of live music are here in our home to welcome Angus into the world. We are blessed.


Allison Smith said...

Congratulations!!! You got me with the title of your post. I checked on my phone first, and I was getting all wigged out waiting for it to refresh!

Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it, and hear Peter play.

Gretchen Crocker said...

Are you going to wear a 2 piece on the beach? You totally should! Bet your belly is really cute about now. Have fun!